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Joe Kelleher  336.420.3388

Joe lives in Greensboro North Carolina and is licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.  Joe has over thirty five years in the natural resource management area and is responsible for timberland and conservation land purchases and disposition. 

He is a registered Forester in North Carolina and specializes in timber and conservation land purchases. He began his natural resource career with Federal Paper Board Company in 1976 and in 1994 launched Flint River Hardwoods.  Flint River Hardwoods was a hardwood lumber brokerage firm, marketing appalachian and southern hardwoods to the flooring and furniture manufacturing industry.  Joe worked very closely with hardwood sawmills in sustainable forestry and value added product utilization.  

In 2009 he started in the land brokerage business and launched Legacy Landbank in 2012.  His real estate projects have been in east coast states with a concentration in large hardwood/pine conservation and investment tracts.

A third generation Conservationist and nephew to Ecologian Thomas Berry,  Joe is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys flyfishing and bowhunting.  He attended Holy Cross College in Worcester Massachusetts and graduated with a BS in Forestry from NC State University.  He has been married thirty six years and has three grown children.